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Technical Details

Available in the Windsor, Swept Top, Washington and Grainger style door. Beech is only available for the Grainger and Washington style. Due to different styles available, please contact us for size limitations.


Windsor Side Panel Reflection

Specifically created to match the Windsor style door, this also works as a Bi-Fold. It is available as a solid or as a glazed option.

Windsor Reflection&SP.jpg

Windsor and Side Panel

The Windsor and Side panel shown with the Reflection glass design.


Swept Top Bi-Fold

The Swept Top style door shown as a Bi-Fold option.

Bi-fold Washington300.jpg

Washington Bi-Fold

Washington style doors shown as a Bi-Fold. Shown using our normal door skin. 



Washington 3 Side Panel

Our Washington 3 side panel door is available from 460mm upto 530mm wide and a max height of 2055mm.

Due to the proportionate size of the door the moulding sizes are wider than our normal Washington panel. The mouldings are 300mm wide.

The grain is also more pronounced than our normal Washington.

Bi-fold Grainger1000.jpg

Grainger Bi-Fold (Beech)

Grainger style bi-fold doors are available in white and beech.