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Technical Details

The door uses our traditional grained skin. This door style is also available in our Beech coloured grained skin, (Image in gallery).

Width Min: 510mm(201/16") Max: 864mm(34")

Height Min: 1830mm(72") Max: 2070mm(811/2")


Classic Starburst

This design is one of our most popular because of the modern look and easy on the eye layout. It is made using glass bevels and leadwork. Various options such as sandblast are available. Shown with Silver lead on clear glass.


Classic 2 Starburst

The Classic style door allows for both the top and the bottom panels to be glazed if required. Here it is shown with the Starburst design.


Classic Sandblast Floral Brocade

The Brocade design is very popular. It is a sandblast glass with the design shown left clear. The design can be produced in reverse whereby the design is sandblast and the main portion of the glass is clear.


Classic (Winnie the Pooh)

This door gives a hint at what we are capable of making. The design shown is a sandblast image of Winnie the Pooh. These kind of bespoke designs are really popular for the childrens bedrooms and can be customised to also include names etc. We have our own in-house design studio and are capable of producing almost any design you may require subject to the current copyright laws. Sample shown is a modified version.


Classic Sandblast Mackintosh

This Classic Rennie Mackintosh style design is brought into the modern era using a combination of sandblast techniques to give a very attractive finish to this door.


Classic Sandblast Mackintosh (French Doors)

The Classic Mackintosh shown as French doors. The design is handed to create the impression of flowing through both doors. French Door sets come with a central rebated strip.


Classic Rose Sash

The design shown is a perfect example of how the use of Minster patterned glass can help enhance the look of the traditional Classic style door, giving it a more old fashioned feel.

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