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Technical Details

This door is made using our new 'TIC' style skin.

Width Min: 600mm(235/8") Max: 864mm(34")

Height Min: 1220mm(48") Max: 2070mm(811/2")

Contemporary_Mackintosh Nairn.jpg

Contemporary Mackintosh Nairn

Made using lead and glass bevels we have created a simply stunning, modern looking door using the glass influences of the well known Mackintosh glass designs. Shown with silver lead.

Contemporary_Abstract Forfar.jpg

Contemporary Abstract Forfar

One of our Abstract range of designs. Made using glass bevels, traditional lead and a wide selection of patterned films, these modern designs are proving really popular. Shown using antique lead.

Contemporary_Sblast Oban.jpg

Contemporary Sandblast Oban

A design that consists of the latest clear fused patterned tiles, simply positioned and surrounded by sandblast.


Contemporary Elgin

A couple of coloured fused tiles (shown with green), along with sandblast film and sweeping antique lead lines makes up this appealing modern design.


Contemporary Stirling

A simple but effective square design made using sandblast. The design can be produced to show sandblast squares or if preferred clear squares with a sandblast surround.