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Technical Details

This door is made using the new 'TIC' style skin.

Width Min: 610mm(24") Max: 864mm(34")

Height Min: 1855mm(73") Max: 2070mm(811/2")


Swept Top Jet

The design is made up of 3 glass bevels and traditional silver leadwork and is set as standard with black film to really enhance the finished door. If required, Black film can be changed to suit individual needs.


Swept Top Abstract Dingwall

A contemporary style of design has been created using various glass bevels and styles of film and finished using traditional antique lead.


Swept Top Campsie

A simple but effective traditional lead and glass bevel design. This glass design is also available for side panels and Bi-Folds.


Swept Top Kinross

A coloured Fused glass tile is used in the middle along side a section of sandblast effect film. The design is finished off with a set of traditional antique lead lines.


Swept Top Brechin

A stylish looking dual glazed door. The traditional lead pattern (shown using Gold) works alongside the glass bevels to create a stunning internal door.

Swepttop Solid.jpg

Swept Top Solid

The Swept Top shown as a solid panel.